Water Valley, Mississippi

About Us

First Presbyterian Church (PCA)

Meet: Main St. at Church St.

Mail: P. O. Box 590, Water Valley, MS 38965

Church Phone and Minister’s Study:  473-1421


A Congregation of The Presbyterian Church in America

Our members have come from many denominations, and we choose to be part of the PCA.

We are committed to Scripture, to the Great Commission,

and to the historic doctrines of Christianity that are expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith.


Our Services

Sunday Morning Worship ……………………………… 10:55 A.M.

Sunday School, Adults and Children ……………….. 9:45 A.M.

Mid-week prayers & fellowship ……………. Weds., 6:30 P.M.

Family Fellowship Luncheon usually every 3rd Sunday.


Our Nursery

Located in the Education Building. Please ask for availability.


Organist: Sara Nell Champion   Pianist: Carolyn Spraberry

Our Church officers are here to help. Please call on us.

Our Church Session

Rev. Harold Spraberry, Moderator; J. Barron Caulfield, Jr., Clerk;

Aaron Baddley; James K. Baddley; James E. Bowles;  Clyde L. Herron, Jr.; C. Ersel King, Jr., Church Treasurer

Our Church Deacons

Clay Ashford, Secretary; Barry Caulfield; Perry Myrick, Chairman; Ronnie Oswalt


Our Missionaries

Family: Purpose: Location:

Carl and Becky Chaplin -   Missions Expansion    – Latvia/Lithuania

Rodney and Jana Dávila -  Provide pastoral training    –  Costa Rica

Lee and Emma  –                  Outreach               – Marseille, France

Steve and Dianne Hill -                Outreach                – Cajamarca, Peru

Jim and Mary Patterson – Wycliffe Bible Translators – Waxhaw, NC

Jim and Karan Romaine -            Outreach                    – New York, NY

Peter and Jenny Boling – Evangelism/Discipleship – La Paz, Mexico


  1. Arthur Hunt

    Dear Pastor,

    Hello, my name is Art Hunt and I am a communications professor at the University of Tennessee at Martin. I am also taking classes at Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS).

    This is a one-question survey going to all the PCA churches in the Covenant Presbytery in which I belong. The survey is for a paper I am writing for Covenant Theology addressing the subject of moral law in C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity.

    As pastor, all you need to do is respond “yes” or “no” to the following question:

    Question: Has a church you pastored ever studied C. S. Lewis’ book Mere Christianity for a Bible study or Sunday school class? (This could be for a youth or adult class.)

    Again, just respond “yes” or “no.” Please respond by Friday, December 18.


    Arthur W. Hunt III, PhD
    Professor of Communications
    305A Gooch Hall
    Department of Communications
    College of Humanities & Fine Arts
    The University of Tennessee at Martin
    Martin, Tennessee 38238
    Work phone: 731-881-7552

    • hspraberry

      No. But I am familiar with the book and I like it. I believe that Lewis makes his case for the existence of God on the moral law, i.e. there is a moral law written into the fabric of the universe, the evidence of which is the universality of people making moral judgments. Since there is a moral law, there has to be a law-giver. I would like to see what you have to say about it.

  2. Anne-Marie Miller

    Rev. Spraberry,
    My name is Anne-Marie Miller and I am a descendant of James McEwen Morrison and Eliza Morrison. He was one of the first elders of the church (known as Octocoloffa Church before becoming First Presbyterian Church). I am curious if there are any historical records, pictures, etc. of the founding church members? My ancestors are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery. My great grandfather John William Morrison was born in Water Valley then moved to Texas where I am from. I am researching my Morrison family genealogy and hope to make it to Water Valley, MS someday soon.

    Christmas blessings!

    • hspraberry

      Hello Anne-Marie Miller,

      I have seen that name. There aren’t any pictures of the founding church members that I know of, but there may be some entries in the minutes of the early meetings. I’ll have to check with the church clerk. Are you in a PCA church in Texas? Let us know when you come to Water Valley. We would love to meet you. Our email is [email protected].

      Merry Christmas to you.

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